For thousands of years, mens have moved. Family cadets in search of establishment, merchants, sailors, soldiers, men and women in search of wealth, a job or quite simply a place to live quietly, fleeing wars, misery or persecution religious ... Some will disappear during a shipwreck at sea, others will return to Europe. But some will succeed in settling in the Mascareignes Islands.

            Tracking down these men and women is far from easy. If the archival documents can be similar to those of metropolitan France, they present some particularities, linked to the history of the islands (archives of the Compagnie des Indes, slavery ...). The funds are also dispersed in the various archive repositories of metropolitan France (National Archives, Departmental Archives, Military Archives), overseas France (Réunion, Mayotte), or countries that have become independent. Finally, documentary sources, colonial bulletins, official newspapers, local press or reviews, are difficult to use. I put my knowledge of history and my research experience at your service, to help you find the history of your family.

         Because our ancestors traveled ... A genealogist and historian in the Indian Ocean! Discover my services and contact me!